2021 Results

Published on July 27, 2021 under Results

A total of 42,754 raffle tickets for Arizona’s big game species were purchased in 2020-2021, raising $765,125 for wildlife.  The breakdown by species is listed below.

Species Tickets Sold Funds Raised
Antelope 2,961 $59,220
Bear 2,712 $13,560
Buffalo 3,120 $62,400
Coues Deer 6,176 $61,760
Desert Bighorn Sheep 6,697 $167,425
Elk 5,867 $146,675
Javelina 2,456 $12,280
Mt. Lion 1,991 $9,955
Mule Deer 6,294 $157,350
Turkey 2,500 $25,000
Jaws & Paws (split between bear, lion & javelina) 1,980 $49,500
Total 42,754 $765,125

Every dollar raised above goes directly to wildlife and wildlife management for the particular species!  All operating expenses were covered by our sponsors, and sales from our special raffles for a Swarovski Optics package, a New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunt, and an Alaskan Dream Hunt which generated an additional $74,260, $76,420, and $81,420 respectively. Click on the “Results” category to the right or below to see similar results for previous years.

This year 41.1% of the 60,591  tickets were purchased by AZ residents with 38.0% of the prizes won by AZ residents. Over the 16 year history of the raffle through 2021, AZ residents purchased an average of 44.0% of the tickets while winning an average of 46.2% of the prizes (includes main drawing and bonus prizes).