Buy Tickets

Tickets range in price from $5 – $25
Antelope – $20
Black Bear – $5
Buffalo – $20
Coues Whitetail – $10
Desert Bighorn – $25
Elk – $25
Javelina – $5
Mt. Lion – $5
Mule Deer – $25
Turkey – $10
Optics – $10
New Mexico Elk Hunt – $20 each or 6 for $100

You may purchase as many individual tickets as you like.

Buy an “All Eleven” package for $160 and receive a “free” entry for the New Mexico Incentive Elk Hunt. An “All Eleven” package includes one (1) ticket for each of the 10 Arizona species and one (1) ticket for the optics package.  You may purchase as many “All Eleven” packages as you like, each purchase resulting in a “free” entry for the incentive hunt.

Online orders placed during the months of October – May will have chances to win additional prizes in our monthly “Buy Early, Buy Often, Win Big! program. Read more HERE.

Online orders placed during the month of June will have a chance to win a Mexcio Trophy Coues Deer hunt with Colburn & Scott Outfitters.  Find out more HERE.

The mail order deadline is July 12, 2019 – all orders must be RECEIVED by this date. Click HERE to print a mail order form.

Online sales will end July 14, 2019, at 10:00 pm (Arizona). Click HERE and follow the instructions for completing your order over the internet.

Are you purchasing tickets as a gift for someone else?

If you purchased these tickets as a gift, we have gift certificate templates you can print, fill out and present to the recipient. If ordering online, be sure to insert the contact information for the recipient in the “Deliver To” fields. Click on an image below to download.

Valentine's Day Gift Certificate Template  Holiday Gift Certificate

YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE TICKETS IN THE MAIL. All ticket orders are processed by an independent professional accounting service and tickets are computer generated with your name, address, city, state, zip, and phone number and the species/item that you have purchased a ticket(s) for. These tickets will be placed into separate raffle barrels at the time of the public drawing. If you purchase more than one item they will all be computer generated prior to the drawing. If you purchase an “All Eleven” package, a ticket for the New Mexico Incentive Trophy Elk Hunt will automatically be produced for you as well. Your receipt is your cancelled check, credit card statement or online sales receipt.

All sales are final – no refunds will be granted.