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ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the quantity for an item and click on “Add to Cart”. Each time you add an item, your shopping cart will appear and show what you are purchasing. To purchase additional items, click on the button to continue shopping and add the next item. You will need to follow this procedure for each item you would like to purchase.

For your convenience, there is an “All Eleven” item at the top of the order form, which will automatically purchase 1 for each species plus the optics package.

Each “All Eleven” package you purchase will automatically result in a free entry into the New Mexico Incentive Elk Hunt package drawing. You don’t have to do anything else, the entry will automatically be generated for you along with your other tickets.

You may also order individual quantities of the New Mexico Elk Hunt for $20 each or 6 for $100.

You can purchase additional quantities of all individual items as well. When you are finished ordering, follow the steps at the bottom of your cart to complete your purchase.

Are you purchasing these tickets for someone else, maybe as a gift? Make sure you complete the “Deliver To” page with the contact information of the person the tickets are for.

ONLINE PAYMENT NOTE: We accept only VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.

ALL ELEVEN $160.00 Qty:
Antelope $20.00 Qty:
Black Bear $5.00 Qty:
Buffalo $20.00 Qty:
Coues Whitetail $10.00 Qty:
Desert Bighorn $25.00 Qty:
Elk $25.00 Qty:
Javelina $5.00 Qty:
Mt Lion $5.00 Qty:
Mule Deer $25.00 Qty:
Turkey $10.00 Qty:
Swarovski Optics $10.00 Qty:
New Mexico Elk Hunt $20.00 Qty:
New Mexico Elk Hunt 6 for $100.00 Qty:


All ticket orders are processed by an independent professional accounting service and tickets are computer generated with your name, address, city, state, zip, and phone number and the species/item that you have purchased a ticket(s) for.  These tickets will be placed into separate raffle barrels at the time of the public drawing on July 25, 2019.  If you purchase more than one item they will all be computer generated prior to the drawing.  If you purchase an “All Eleven” package, a ticket for the New Mexico Incentive Trophy Elk Hunt will automatically be produced for you as well.   Your receipt is your online sales order.