Winners Circle

We often receive questions and comments relative to the number of Arizonan’s who win in the raffle. Over the history of the raffle through 2018, AZ residents purchased an average of 44.8% of the tickets while winning an average of 46.3% of the prizes (includes main drawing and bonus prizes) – doesn’t get much closer than that. The purpose of the raffle is to raise funds for wildlife conservation so a broad-based reach of customers is important.

Below are the winners from the 2019 campaign. Click on “Winners” in the column to the right to see winners from previous years.


Sitka Gear (March):

Joseph V, AZ
Gregory S, AZ
Louis M, AZ
Travis B, AZ
Jeff M, AZ

Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Trail Cameras (February):

Jon S, TX
Mitchell E, TX
Theron C, AZ
Ernest T, CA
Gerald A, ND
Michael S, GA
Kenetrek Boots (January):
Luis B, CA
Christian A, AZ
Ken M, AZ
George S, AZ
Karl S, OH
Brian A, AZ
Kenneth C, AZ

Canyon Coolers (December):

Anthony P, NV
Mark W, ID
Larry H, MT
Adam S, OH
Michael L, AZ
Nicholas G, UT
Mark N, AZ

Butler Bags (November):

Randy S, AZ
Christopher G, TX
Paul P, WI
Densel S, AZ
Joshua B, AZ
Robert J, AZ
Antonio V, AZ
Mike G, AZ
Mike W, NC

Leupold Scopes (October):

Jennifer R., CA
Robert T,  ID
James B,  CA
Timothy H, NM
Joseph B,  VA
Bowen S,  AZ
Jenifer S,  CA
Jason R, ME
Pat M, AZ
William N, AZ